Finnish animal rights organization

Our mission is to promote ethical veganism and challenge societal structures built on exploiting animals.

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A team with a passion for animal rights.

Trust us when we say that we couldn't be happier to have such a fantastic team of talented individuals who also support each other outside activist work. We have talented speakers, social media managers, photographers, policy advocates, fact-checkers, and a multi-talented crew.

Our team members throughout Finland come from different work and study backgrounds. It's the different approaches that bring more creativity into our activism. We continue to search for new members, and our non-profit is incredibly easy to join.

Our work


During the last year, we have visited over 30 schools and multiple panels. Our presentations are highly requested, and we have brought the discussion about animal rights close to the hearts of a younger generation.

Almost all of the school presentations are provided without charge. We are thrilled to be able to connect with the youth, and even before we arrive at the location, many already know us from our viral TikTok videos.

video production

Our high-quality production and entertaining presentation style has gained the attention of both viewers and other animal right organizations. For example, We've been working closely with Finland's biggest animal rights organization Animalia to improve their video production. We want to encourage cooperation to create the most significant impact for animals.

Over 45 000 followers
Monthly reach around 340 000 - 1 700 000
Most popular vegan content creator in Finland for Gen Z
We've created over 900 videos
watch our showreel

finland's top vegan podcast

Our weekly podcast Vegaaneista tykkään (I Like Vegans), is Finland's most popular animal rights/vegan podcast. The podcast has featured celebrities, journalists, scientists and politicians. In April, the podcast grossed over 110 000 listens.

Our most recent move from the beginning of summer has been to transform the podcast into a video format, further expanding our podcast's engagement and influence. We've used our valuable knowledge to produce another vegan podcast, Pala Purtavaksi, Finland's first vegan cooking-themed podcast.

media coverage

Viral Vegans has been widely covered by Finland's most influential media outlets, including the most-read newspaper, Helsingin Sanomat, and the Finnish Broadcasting Company (Yle). We've been interviewed and reported on when we have brought up farm animal rights issues on our social media channels. We have met leading experts and organizations, politicians, farmers, and hunters, to discuss our vegan abolitionist's message.

Our co-founder Benjamin Pitkänen is one of
Finland's most requested vegan activists for interviews and keynote speeches. The rising interest in animal rights in Finnish society has brought us an opportunity, our spokesperson Pitkänen has a book deal with the leading publisher Into, and we're towards a 2024 release.


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